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2021/1 13 27:11

In addition, our age structure is also losing its advantage (compared to India), which makes many researchers worry about the international competitive advantage of our labor costs. Some unpredictable data worries me the most, because this may become the

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2021/1 13 27:10

Ethereum is much younger than Bitcoin. In the process of seeking legitimacy (legitimacy), there have been many overwhelming mainstream discourses in the community. The genesis texts are still relatively new, the authors are still there, and they will figh


2021/1 13 27:09

Matrix was originally a trading and asset custody department within Bitmain, which was transformed into a subsidiary in February this year. As Wu Jihan stepped down as the CEO of Bitmain at the end of March, the company also broke away from the Bitmain sy

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2021/1 13 27:08

On May 9th, according to TheBlock news, affected by the rebound in Bitcoin prices, Bitcoin miners income in April reached $12.5 billion, an increase of 8% from the $80.1 billion in March. (Note: This data is calculated based on the assumption that miners

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2021/1 13 27:06

After the Socialist Party came to power in Venezuela in 1999, why was the relationship between Venezuela, the world’s largest holder of proven oil reserves, and the United States tense? How the government nationalized most of the oil industry and how it …

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In January 2014, Andreas M. Antonopoulos joined as the Chief Security Officer and later became an advisor to the board of directors. On October 8th of the same year, he participated in a hearing held by the Canadian Senate as an expert rep

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2021/1 13 27:04

In November, Japanese insurance group SompoHoldings acquired a 10% stake in Kenyan digital currency exchange and payment company Bitpesa. In the same month, the software company Consensys founded by Ethereum co-founder Joseph Lubin acquired the asteroid m

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2021/1 13 27:02

Cosmos does not believe that the various economic networks in the world can be governed by limited rules in the underlying design, and does not believe that there is a specific set of rules that makes everyone happy. The truth is self-evident, look at the

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2021/1 11 01:41

Jordan said that advertisers who are good at using data will always carry out promotional activities in the places with the highest conversion rates on the Internet. His team often cooperates directly with publishers: we have found that the best performin

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2021/1 11 01:38

Gath3r also has a smart contract function, which realizes the unification of the blockchain through Gath3r and a private master node network. All auxiliary chains that fork or copy Gath3r will inherit the smart contract function built into Gath3r. Gath3r