Buy Bitcoin in the U.S.

2020/12 25 21:24

Betprotocol announced that it will integrate chainlink OracleBuy Bitcoin in the U.S. service to provide operators with decentralized E-sports and sports data.

Although eth has also started to rise, its strength is limited, and the trading volume has not been significantly enlarged. Although it once rose to 496 this morning, it has now retreated to around 470. You can pay attention to the support near 466 below, and if you stabilize, you can see 479 in the short term. In the defi project, if yfi can stabilize at 20500, there is a certain probability that yfi will continue to rebound, otherwise, it may go down to 19520. Yfii in the rebound to 2260 strong resistance after the start of the callback market, if the short-term stability at 1830 can continue to expect a rebound, on the contrary, focus on 1530 second-line support.

Fkex trading platform obtained the US MSB license. The full name of the license is money services bussiness, which is supervised and issued by the U.S. Treasury Department. The license will allow fkex to provide users with international remittance, foreign exchange and currency transactions (including digital currency / virtual currency). With the authority of the U.S. Treasury Department, fkex can carry out relevant business in the United States and the world, which represents the compliance supervision of digital asset platform. Fkex will continue to promote compliance layout in the world, embrace regulation, and provide more professional, compliant and secure digital asset trading services for global users.

According to the initial public offering (IPO) prospectus submitted by airbnb to the securities and Exchange Commission on Monday, airbnb said its future success will depend on its ability to adapt to new technologies, such as tokenization, cryptocurrency and new authentication technologies, according to coindesk.

According to the blockcrypto, the personal address of Hugh Karp, founder of nexus mutual, a defi insurance agreement, was attacked, with 370000 XNM tokens in it, losing more than $8 million. But at present, Karp's private key is still secure, only the metamask extension has been changed.

On DecembBuy Bitcoin in the 3, codefi, consensys' decentralized financial project, announced that defibridge had been launched, and filecoin token fil could be converted to renfil in Ethereum network.

On December 3, the China Internet Development Foundation sponsored the link commonweal 2020 blockchain + charity seminar in Shenzhen. Industry experts and leading figures from China Internet development foundation, charity and Social Work Department of the Ministry of civil affairs, saidI blockchain Research Institute, ant chain and Weizhong bank gathered together.