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2020/12 31 29:55

Among them, there were 13.367% long positions in the long position (EOS), with an average shBitcoin mining server hostingort position ratio of 13.367%.

Today, the guiding bank enabling real industry economic forum hosted by BtoC business enterprise alliance and the core leaders summit of BtoC business enterprise alliance was officially held in Chaohu, Anhui Province. Members and nodes of community autonomous organizations participated in the summit to discuss how to use the power of digital technology to promote the process of the real economy, how to help the transformation of real enterprises, and how to guide the ecological Co Construction in the future. The market of all parties in this meeting made clear the strategic thinking and direction, which laid a solid foundation for guiding the coming main network online and realizing value sharing.

According to cryptography news on February 2, Tim rough garden, a professor of computer science at Columbia University, said that without eip-1559 or other transaction cost mechanisms, the average transaction cost of Ethereum would be greatly reduced. The continuous high transaction cost is a problem of scalability, not a problem of mechanism design. He said that during a period of relatively stable demand, no matter what mechanism is adopted, the actual transaction costs cannot be expected to be much lower than the market settlement price. If the market settlement price is already very high, the only way to reduce the price is to increase supply or reduce demand, which is usually outside the scope of mechanism design. Prior to the news on August 25, the foundation for decentralization invited professors from Columbia University to study the eip-1559 proposal of Ethereum.

5. JP Morgan completes the real-time intraday repo transaction based on blockchain, and uses jpmcoin for cash part.

The total issue of BTC anchor coins was 143400. Among them, the circulation of wbtc reached 115000, accounting for 80.20%. Closely followed by renbtc and HBTC, the circulation was 16900 and 6000 respectively.

David Schwartz, chief technology officer of ripple, recently revealed that he has more than 1 million xrps but less than 10 million xrps. It was previously reported that David ScBitcoin mining server hostinghwartz had said he had lost more than $300000 on his investment in counterfeit currency.

According to the data of okex perpetual contract (BTC / usdt), bitcoin showed a slight downward trend on the 6th and 2nd days. It had twice tested the first-line support of 15800, and finally stopped falling and stabilized. At present, the rebound momentum has been significantly enhanced. Okex analyst Charles believes that because the medium and long-term large-scale trend is in the obvious long-term pattern, it is not easy to adjust the market significantly. In addition, the short-term trend bullish sentiment has also rebounded, and the currency price is more likely to continue to rise, and is expected to reach a new high in the short term. It is suggested that in the short term, we should continue to focus on 15800 first-line support. As long as there is no clear break in the price, we should not blindly short or short.