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2020/11 30 06:18

The long-term premium of China Post Insurance in the branch's self operated outlets exceeded 70 million yuan, and the long-teBitcoin Revolution crypto bonusrm regular payment plan of China Post was completed in one fell swoop! With an exciting message released in the wechat group of the person in charge of Jiangxi branch of China post insurance, the group became popular.

In February, the central bank adjusted the quotation rate (LPR) of loan market, and the LPR of one-year and more than five-year term dropped.

So, it's a step back this week.

Shanghai Investment Morgan also announced that it will apply for the company's fund through the mobile app of Shenwan Hongyuan and Shenwan Hongyuan West,

The development of "excellence Cup" skills competition has further stimulated the learning enthusiasm of the whole staff of the operation line, and comprehensively improved the overall business quality of the operation team.

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